About the Book

Clandestine Morocco was written by a writer from the UK who spent several months living with Sub-saharan African migrants in the city of Tangiers, Morocco on the Straits of Gibraltar – a tiny strip of sea separating Africa from Europe.

The book seeks to represent to a European audience something of the basic humanity of migrants from Sub-saharan Africa,  to put into context their struggle to cross the EU’s external borders and to explain the many ways in which they suffer from racism and police brutality during their time in Morocco.

For more information on the situation of migrants in Morocco and their struggle see the links in the top bar to No Borders Morocco, Interzone Voices and Welcome to Europe.

Please forward the link of this website to as many people and places as possible so more people find out about the atrocities that happen to migrants in countries like Morocco. Then perhaps more individuals may think about going out there and helping directly where its needed.

To contact the author email addisonbloom@hotmail.com. We are looking to get the book published and translated into Spanish, French and Arabic, so please get in touch if you can help in any way.

Use the panel on the left to navigate between the book’s chapters.

Here is the book in full  to download – Clandestine Morocco (full)


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An autobiographical novel documenting the struggles of Sub-saharan African migrants in the EU border town of Tangiers, Morocco. Content note for rape, trafficking, police violence, murder and racial abuse.